Participates in the Philippines Food Machinery Exhibition

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Note: Food Machinery Union participates in the Philippines Food Machinery Exhibition
     The Philippine Food Machinery Exhibition, which lasted for 4 days from August 1st to 4th, 2018, was held at the SMX Convention Center in the Philippines. Exhibitors come from food machinery around the world. In order to open up foreign markets and to strengthen technical exchanges with foreign industries, our Food Machinery Union participated in the exhibition, and this is the first time that our Food Machinery Union has cooperated with many members to go out of China and ran abroad. Here is my copy of this book. The report made by the exhibition.
I. Exhibition overview
    Widely known as the biggest and most effective food show in the country, the World Food Expo celebrates 18 years of servicing the F&B industry from August 1-4, 2018 in two subsequent venues: the SMX Convention Center in Pasay and World Trade Center Manila.
    once again, travel the culinary world for four days as WOFEX becomes the gathering place not just for the F&B industry stakeholders, but also the hospitality industry, as it features on its second year The Hotel Summit and Expo.
Ⅱ, adequate preparation before the show
    Before the exhibition has arrived, we will purchase tickets for the members of this exhibition; send the products of our member merchants to the exhibition in advance; make our independent journal, which contains detailed information and contact information of our products; We also explained some precautions to merchant members who have not gone abroad, and these provided the basis for the smooth progress of the next four days.
Ⅲ, image and attitude
    As a company, the image of employees and their spiritual appearance directly reveal the style of the company, and maintain the image of the individual. The image of the company can perform well and show the best side of our country.
    Attitude, this is an important issue. When we contact and promote our products, we are enthusiasm for customers, and the reception is polite to let our customers feel our sincerity and hospitality, and when customers ask questions about the company or its products. Give correct and professional answers and talk in a harmonious and harmonious atmosphere. Then, the transaction rate of cooperation will be more effective, so the attitude is very important.
Ⅳ, the customer
    For the old customers, we visited the local dealers before the exhibition, and sat down with them to ask if they were satisfied with the previous supply, whether there is still need to improve and improve; ask what the other party has next The intention of purchasing; finally give them a small gift to express their wishes.
For new customers, we will take the initiative to receive customers, and leave contact information as much as possible, so as to facilitate future contacts. When chatting with customers, we try to understand the nature of the other company, and it will be more helpful in the future cooperation.
    In the process of communicating with customers, it is necessary to record the customer's information in time and uninstall important information on the customer's business card. The exhibition is short and crowded. Many times, it is too busy. If you go back to the evening and then slowly sort out the information, there will be many things that will be forgotten. This will facilitate statistics and it is not easy to make mistakes.
    The above is the summary report of the Philippine exhibition. At the same time that the exhibition was successfully closed, I also wish that the Food Machinery Union can grow bigger and bigger and go global.
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