Crayfish hot season food machinery to ensure food safety

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Note: Crayfish hot season food machinery to ensure food safety
 Summer, with the arrival of the crayfish season, gradually rising temperatures everywhere, but also do not suppress the enthusiasm of the growing food. , according to the investigation in 3 trillion yuan of the nation's food and beverage market, crayfish market size of more than one hundred billion yuan, Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou and other cities crayfish stores, more than one hundred yuan per capita consumption has this enough to justify the consumer demand for lobster.

When it comes to crayfish, apart from its delicious food, the safety of crayfish is not to be ignored. On the one hand, it is necessary to strengthen the use of cold chain transportation equipment in the transportation process to ensure that crayfish do not deteriorate during the transportation process. On the other hand, in the production and processing, pay attention to cleaning, to ensure the safety and health of crayfish.

Previous reports said the head of the crayfish could not be eaten, and the head was piled high with parasites, bacteria and so on. And manual treatment, only its surface can be cleaned, it is difficult to clean thoroughly. So now there are some crayfish cleaning machines on the market. Compared with traditional manual treatment, the cleanliness is definitely increased. Launched on the market of small lobster cleaning machine mainly USES is ultrasonic cleaning technology, can quickly remove small lobster dead Angle, and the line of ozone sterilization function, sterilization of crayfish, which not only greatly save cost also increase the cleaning degree of crayfish.



At the same time that there is a large demand for crayfish in our country, there have been reports of the spread of crayfish in Germany. When the domestic food producers knew about this, they all expressed to solve the problem for them. In fact, whether it is the spread of crayfish in Germany or the huge domestic consumption demand, crayfish will eventually become the food on the dining table. And behind the food, there is the support of cold chain transportation equipment and cleaning equipment, so as to better ensure the safety of people's "tongue tip food".

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