50kg Bakery Equipment Spiral Dough Mixer for Bread

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Unit Price: $2614.00
Brand: Leapay
Min.Order: 1 set
Supply: 300 set
Delivery: Shipment within 3 days since the date of payment
Updated on: 2019-09-30 15:07
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Company Details
 High-power commercial dough mixer.
No matter soft dough or hard dough, we can reach your demands

Model Capacity Vol./Power N.W Demension(mm)
LJ-10 10KG/30L 380V/2KW 200KG 890x480x1200
LJ-15 15KG/50L 380V/4KW 300KG 890x630x1230
LJ-25 25KG/80L 380V/5KW 350KG 980x680x1250
LJ-50 50KG/130L 380V/7KW 550KG 1140x720x1460
LJ-75 75KG/200L 380V/10KW 750KG 1400x750x1550
LJ-100 100KG/260L 380V/13KW 950KG 1480x920x1550

Product feature
1.Super high-power design, high mechanic durability and high mixing speed;
2.Application-specific integrated circuit board, digital display panel Fast and slow speed automatically change over as per program,ensuring handiness and few repairing;
3.Circuit is provided with overload protection function, capable of avoid equipment damage due to operating failure;
4.Special structured design, high water absorption and dilation of dough; the bakes bread is larger than tradional ones by approximately 2%, with nice taste;
5.Long service life, elegant appearance.

Application scope:
This double speed partner spiral dough mixer is our new designed products refer to advanced technology and experience from overseas who specializing in the baking industry products. the blender and mixing barrel can be operated simultaneously,stir the flour efficiently,well into the furnace expansion force,reduce production costs,two speed partners,can exchange discretionarily ,mechanical or digital panel ,easy to operate,freely control the mixing time ,simple to use,whole body 304 stainless steel ,equipped protecting cover,durable and safe .easy maintenance ,is a good assistant bakery for canteens,restaurants and production of dough used.
Cake room equipment, bakery equipment, beverage shop equipment, casual fast food equipment, Western food shop equipment, tea restaurant equipment, leisure food factory equipmen


Our services
Pre-sale service:
1.relative market information and your inquiry is timely replied within 5 hours
2.Advice for equipment device
3.Customization is supplied depend on your demand
4. The voltage can be changed according to your choice.
After-sale service:
1. 12 months warranty, lifelong service and technical support. 
2. Whole life's technical consultant of the machine.
3.Site-repair is offered when it necessary
4.Spare parts are provided of some machines.

Warm tips
1. keep the machine working in a clean surrounding and clean it regularly.
2. don't let solids mix into the bowl, the machine will be stucked ( even it have protective device,it may harm to the machine). 
3. people need rest, so does the machine, do not keep the machine working stopless for a long time. 
4. check the gear box regularly, once the lubricating oil is not enough,add it. its important, if you do not want to pay for new gear.  
If you are not skilled man, it is better let the technician repair the machine.

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