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Instant Noodle Pakcing Machine with Ce Certificate

Brand: UPX-QKL
Packing belt size: 800/1000mm/1200mm
Capacity: 50-200packs/min
film material: OPP/PE,OPP/CPP and complex film
Price: 24000.00USD/packing ma
Min quantity: 1 packing ma
Quantity: 100 packing ma
Deliver: In 35 days
Area: Guangdong Foshan
 Instant noodles automatic packing production line    Parameter:
Packing size 800/1000mm/1200mm
Capacity 50-200packs/min
packing Material OPP/PE,OPP/CPP and complex film
Power Supply 220V 50 HZ
Total Power 3.2KW
Net Weight According to atual situation
Outer Dimension(L*W*H) According to atual situation
The goods for the machine can pack :
Auto  packing every kind of solid and regular material, such as biscuit, cake, bread, moon cake, custard pie, fruit pie , instant noodle, sweet, medicine, daily products, hard ware, plastic toy , pen , soap and so on 
For the machine character:
Our packing machine is combined of many years research and development, production and perfect the essence of innovation. The machine has the advantages of clear sealing, good sealing, tidy, beautiful appearance, compact structure, easy and flexible operation, fast running, smooth, low noise and so on. Mainly used in the egg yolk pie foods, biscuits etc. There is a set of charging device, can give the packaging inflatable, effective protection of the packaging objects. After our trial for a long time, the main electrical control components of the machine performance is stable, safe and reliable. The characteristics of machines are as follows:
1.Main control circuit adopts developed by our company PLC, color touch screen display, inverter control, perfect interface between operator and machine. That make operation and adjustment easily.
2 The packing speed and the length of the bag are controlled by the double frequency converter. Step-less variable speed, wide adjustment range, can be a perfect match with the production line of the former process.
3 High sensitive electric eye is the function of automatic tracking bags length accurately, no manual adjustment after setting.
4 Each seal temperature is independent of control. It is suitable for a variety of packaging materials. The sealing is beautiful and firm.
In addition, According to the user's need to configure the code machine to print production date, batch number and so on.
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