Automatic Packing Producintion Line for Cookies biscuit

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Unit Price: $22000.00
Brand: UPX-X-FC4
Min.Order: 1 packing ma
Supply: 100 packing ma
Delivery: Shipment within 35 days since the date of payment
Updated on: 2019-08-28 10:34
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Company Details
 Automatic caramel treats  ,cake  packing line  Parameter:
Mode UPX-ZF2
Packing size 600/800/1000mm/1200mm
Capacity standar speed 50-200 /min(signle lane)
packing Material OPP/PE,OPP/CPP and complex film
Power Supply 220V 50 HZ
Total Power 3.2KW
Net Weight According to atual situation
Outer Dimension(L*W*H) According to atual situation
The goods for the machine can pack :
Automatic feeding, alignment, districution and packing without workers and widely used in the food industry , chemical industry pharmaceuticals, harware and other industry which products are round, square Such as bread ,cupcake,Swiss roll.
For the machine character:
Our packing machine is combined of many years research and development, production and perfect the essence of innovation. The machine has the advantages of clear sealing, good sealing, tidy, beautiful appearance, compact structure, easy and flexible operation, fast running, smooth, low noise and so on. Mainly used in the egg yolk pie foods, biscuits etc. There is a set of charging device, can give the packaging inflatable, effective protection of the packaging objects. After our trial for a long time, the main electrical control components of the machine performance is stable, safe and reliable. The characteristics of machines are as follows:

1. The front conveyor belt of this line can be connected with the outfeed conveyor belt of user's

    front-end production line for fullautomatic continuous feeding and packing, or by manual 3

    products dumping on the conveyor belt for conveying and packing.

2. The packing line can be customized according to user's individual requirements.

3. With multi-stage frequency conversion for speed adjustment, servo control and intelligent PLC

    control system, it is characteristic of simple operation, stable running, high control accuracy          and low energy consumption.

4. Color LCD touch screen with intuitive HMI display for parameters setting. Fault self-diagnostic

    display on the screen helps trouble shooting.

5. The data memorystorage function helps to change product sizes.

6. Automatic defective product rejecting function is available to ensure continuity and stability of


7. High precision and high sensitivity SICK brand photo sensor tracking system ensures accurate

    product positioning.

8. The machine configuration is made of complete stainless steel and alu-alloy profiles. With user-

    friendly design, it is simple and fast in installation, disassembly, repair and maintenance.

9. At user's demand, extra units of code printer, inkjet printer, air charging device or alcohol spray

    device can be equipped on the machine for different purpose.

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