100~800g electic dough hydraulic divider for making baguette BDK-20

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Unit Price: $3080.00
Brand: Bossda
Min.Order: 1 set
Supply: 100 set
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  100~800g electic dough hydraulic divider for making baguette BDK-20


1. Specially designed to divide dough or stuffing into 36 equal pieces precisely.
2. Automatic dividing, better efficiency.
3. It is equipped with quality electric motors and components to improve the life of machine.

Perfect for a variety of different types of yeast -raised dough including bread dough, bun dough, tortilla dough, pizza dough, cookie dough, you'll achieve consistent, repeatable results each time. 
It is applicable to bakery, industrial food, large supermarkets and so on.


Technical Paremeter
Model Machine Name Specifications Dimensions Voltage Power Weight
BDK-36A Manual dough divider 1.output:36pcs/time
2.dough weight:30-140g/pcs
530*460*1620mm     80KG
BDK-36 Electric dough divider 1.output:36pcs/time
2.dough weight:30-140g/pcs
520*400*1040mm 220V/380V 0.5KW 200KG
BDK-20 Hydraulic dough divider 1.output:20pcs/time
2.dough weight: 100-800g/pcs
610*810*1110mm 220V/380V 1KW 350KG

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Why choose us?
1. We are manufacturer specialize in this field for more then 15 years,with the strength of dough
sheeter/mouder/divider&ovens,with good quality and pretty competitive price.
2. The products can be customized according to your requirements.
3. We have good team for technology and quality control. our quality policy: technological innovation, quality first.
4. Good after-sale service, 1year warranty and some accessories for free.
5. The delivery is on time.

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