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Commercial donut sizing line bread sizing machine equipment

Brand: Wangong Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd
Price: 50000.00USD/piece
Min quantity: 3 piece
Deliver: In 3 days
Area: Shanxi Baoji

Adopting a twin-screw extrusion process, the powdered raw materials are placed inside the screw of the extruder, and high-pressure kneaded to produce puffed products with loose and uniform air holes. After being shaped and cut by a cutting machine, the product is processed into a delicious snack called wheat roasting. After spraying and drying, the product is processed into a delicious snack called wheat roasting. Maishao production can take the lead in producing popular puffed sandwich foods in the market, such as Maishao, Maixiang chicken chunks, sandwich rice cakes, rice and fruit, etc; It can also replace molds and auxiliary equipment to produce different shapes of nutritional powders, grains, and puffed snacks. The fully automatic wheat baking production line has a wide range of raw material applications, convenient operation and maintenance, low energy consumption, and high yield.

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