Desktop automatic sealing machine / lunch box sealing machine White Sealing diameter 95MM WCS-F1

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Unit Price: $688.00
Brand: wecan
Min.Order: 1 pieces
Supply: 999 pieces
Delivery: Shipment within 15 days since the date of payment
Updated on: 2019-09-12 15:43
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Company Details
Product Description
Power (W): 420

Sealing diameter (MM): 90/95/98120, etc. (different calibers can be customized)

Color: stainless steel (white)

Net weight (KG): 23

Gross weight (KG): 27

Product size (CM): 36*36*63

Packing size (CM): 51*51*74

Main Features
1) The computer motherboard and the operation panel separation technology are used to solve the problem that the electronic component is aging and has a short life span in a high temperature environment.
2) The use of pure German heating wire, the service life of the heating plate is greatly enhanced.
3) The sealing surface is less than 0.01 mm with high precision.
4) Connect the communication technology with integrated buckle cable.
5) The operation panel is based on the ergonomic principle and adopts the patented slope surface technology of 15 °C.
6) With a new sealing film receiving device, filming is easier and faster.

Detailed Images

Intelligent microcomputer, smart display with one button operation, faster. Automatic counting to make information more secure. 

Constant temperature heating plate, temperature setting is convenient for heat and stable and long service life. Can be sealed in a variety of materials, easy to install and easy to clean.(Sealing diameter 90/95/98/120mm)

Electronic sensor, precise electric eye-to-point induction sealing cup, no tilting, and the cutting film is neat and beautiful.. 

Precision splint spring, precision spring splint, high elasticity, high toughness, firm and secure.

Our Service
Pre-Sales Service
* Consultation and explanation support.
* Product use precautions.
* View our factory.
 After-Sales Service
* Train how to install the machine and train how to use the machine.
* Provide online technical support.
*The warranty period is 1 year.
Company Profile
WECAN INTERNATIonAL MACHINERYLTD, headquartered in 39-41 Dunchars Commercial Centre, London, UK, the company specializes in specialty kitchen equipment. In 2013, it set up a factory in Guangzhou, China, Guangzhou Wangcai Machinery Co., Ltd. The products are mainly used to supply European and American markets and the Arab region.
We specialize in the production of high-quality kitchen utensils, specializing in the production of desktop automatic cup sealing machine, wheat whirlwind ice cream mixer, blizzard ice cream mixer, commercial large sand ice machine, TOrnado Potato Slicer and other products.
All electrical products of the company have passed the EU CE double project certification at one time, fine workmanship, high quality, durable, and highly certified by German technical testing engineers, famous European brands.

1.Payment methods ?
You can pay via T/T(bank transfer) or Western Union/ L/C /CASH..
2. Warranty ?
1 year.
3. MOQ ?
1 PCS.
4. Customization?
ODM/OEM business partner will be warmly welcome.
5. Customer Service?
Please contact us any time when you have questions or problems upon our products.
6. Are we a factory?
Yes. Factory is more than 10000 square meters.

^_^ welcome to E-MAIL us if you have any quetions about the products.

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