Beautiful appearance and luxury Baking set Electric type Hot air circulation furnace SLH-10D

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Unit Price: $1729.00
Min.Order: 1 Pieces
Supply: 999 Pieces
Delivery: Shipment within 15 days since the date of payment
Updated on: 2019-10-09 15:17
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Company Details
Main Features
Baking scope
Dessert,bread,hamburger,cake oil cake,cakeDry,moon cakes,and earth justice type bread lamp.
1.beautiful appearance,luxury,function,small size.
2.Low energy consumption,high output,and high degree of uniformity
     in baking and can be adjusted for each layer,With strong lighting,steam
     injection,brake temperature control,temperature protection,etc.Point.
3.can be added with a tripod,or five disc fermentation tank
4.the integration of the fermentation tank oven,the maximum savingspace. all stainless steel,stainless steel shell and shell spray type.
6. Baking tray size 600*400*25MM Dimensions 900*1500*1280MM

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Guangzhou City hong Li electric heating equipment Co., specialized in the production of bakingequipment manufacturers,located in Guangzhou City,Guangdong Huadu District,flower Town,nearGuangzhou Baiyun International airport.With the design and production of oven nearly twenty years ofexperience,the introduction of advanced technology of similar products at home and abroad,to create"three Tatsu"brand,the main production:hot air rotary furnace,tunnel furnace production line,electric

ovens,gas stove,proofing boxes,stir machine,cake machine,spheronization machineBaking equipment,is a research and development,production,sales,service as one of professional manufacturers.Form anovel structure,beautiful shape,saveEnergy,quality and stability characteristics,is the best choice forhotels,houses,factories and enterprises and senior college.I plant with high quality productionProducts,good reputation,professional business philosophy,all over the country's sales,service network,affordableprices,won the support of the maiority of customersAnd praise.With the continuous introduction ot the

product market,has been the new and old customers at home and abroad.

Hong Li,who is willing to work with the baking industry,is willing to work with the baking industrypeople to create a better tomorrow,your affirmation is our biggest support!
Hong Li people's purpose is"customer first,service first,quality assurance",welcome new ana orucustomers come to negotiate,visit us.


1.Payment methods ?
You can pay via T/T(bank transfer) or Western Union/ L/C /CASH..

2. Warranty ?
1 year.

3. MOQ ?
1 PCS.

4. Customization?
ODM/OEM business partner will be warmly welcome.

5. Customer Service?
Please contact us any time when you have questions or problems upon our products.

6. Are we a factory?
Yes. Factory is more than 10000 square meters.

^_^ welcome to E-MAIL us if you have any quetions about the products..
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