For fruits and vegetables Stainless steel shredder slicer SS150

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Unit Price: $549.00
Min.Order: 1 Pieces
Supply: 999 Pieces
Delivery: Shipment within 15 days since the date of payment
Updated on: 2019-11-07 09:13
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Stainless steel wire slicer


1) All stainless steel body, aluminum alloy knife basin, durable, clean and hygienic.

2) Full copper wire motor, strong force and long service life.

3) movable wire cutter, which can choose 1.5-20mm wire cutters of different sizes.

The wire cutter can be used to cut the wire, and the wire cutter can be removed to slice.

4) Wide processing range: ginger, radish, potatoes, bamboo shoots, garlic, etc. can be directly cut and sliced

The cutting blade is made of high-quality materials, and the cutting edge is sharp and the cutting task is

completed quickly during the slicing process. Each machine is equipped with 2 cutting tools.

The barrel is tightened with a knob screw. Without a screwdriver, the button can be loosened, opened, and

cleaned at any time. Safe and clean.

Pre-Sales Service
* Consultation and explanation support.
* Product use precautions. 
* View our factory.
After-Sales Service
* Train how to install the machine and train how to use the machine.
* Provide online technical support.
*The warranty period is 1 year.



1.Payment methods ?

You can pay via T/T(bank transfer) or Western Union/ L/C /CASH..

2. Warranty ?

1 year.

3. MOQ ?

1. PCS.

4. Customization?

ODM/OEM business partner will be warmly welcome.

5. Customer Service?

Please contact us any time when you have questions or problems upon our products.

6. Are we a factory?

Yes. Factory is more than 10000 square meters.

^_^ welcome to E-MAIL us if you have any quetions about the products.

We warmly welcome you to use the "Shun and Jia" brand kitchen machinery series products, I hope this

product will help you with your needs, I wish you a satisfactory use and service.

Shun and Jia Kitchen Machinery Factory is a professional manufacturer of kitchen machinery and equipment. It

has rich production experience and strong technical design. The factory will be based on the "integrity

foundation, quality-oriented, service-oriented cooperation" for the purpose of continuous improvement of new

technologies, new processes, high-quality kitchen products and equipment to dedication to the majority

of users.

The products produced by our factory include: melon and fruit slicer, meatball machine, automatic meatball

machine, meat grinder, ground meat machine, two-speed double-action dough mixer, press-cut pasta machine,

electric dough mixer Refiner, three bird hair removal machine, etc.

Shun and Jia Kitchen Machinery Factory sincerely cooperate with you to create a better tomorrow.


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