High economic efficiency Classic fermentation tank Proofer YH-13C

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Unit Price: $158.00
Min.Order: 1 Pieces
Supply: 999 Pieces
Delivery: Shipment within 15 days since the date of payment
Updated on: 2019-09-11 14:05
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Product Description
Classic fermentation tank series With knob adjustment, easy to understand temperature and humidity settings, can be Bread
provides the most appropriate fermentation environment. User-friendly sliding door, easy to open Off, glass window, instantly
control the fermentation status.

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Our Service
Pre-Sales Service
* Consultation and explanation support.
* Product use precautions.
* View our factory.
After-Sales Service

* Train how to install the machine and train how to use the machine.
* Provide online technical support.
*The warranty period is 1 year.
Company profile
Shengheng Electric Co., Ltd. is specialized in producing high-quality fermentation tank products, providing practical and optimal solutions for the baking and catering industry, and becoming one of the leading brands of baking catering equipment. The design and production of Shengheng Electric has always been a strict standard. Every product leaving our factory carries the key details of its manufacture. This is our confidence, the hallmark of our development process. More importantly, this is your guarantee of the overall satisfaction of Shengheng Electric. We use in-house development, testing, evaluation, and collection of external chefs' approval information for all of our products. Achieve listening and responding to customer needs and sustainable growth solutions, combining large and professional new product development team commitments, carefully crafted by our experienced electrical assembly technicians to ensure that Shengheng Electric will always provide you with superior quality. And value.

With ten years of experience, the source of dripping water, thanksgiving is infinite! Shengheng Company is committed to the promise of customers. Treat each customer with sincerity.
1.Payment methods ?
You can pay via T/T(bank transfer) or Western Union/ L/C /CASH..

2. Warranty ?
1 year.

3. MOQ ?
1. PCS.

4. Customization?
ODM/OEM business partner will be warmly welcome.

5. Customer Service?
Please contact us any time when you have questions or problems upon our products.

6. Are we a factory?
Yes. Factory is more than 10000 square meters.

^_^ welcome to E-MAIL us if you have any quetions about the products.

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