Bakery China 2018 China International Baking Exhibition

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Note: Bakery China 2018 China International Baking Exhibition held in Shanghai
 The 21st China International Bakery Exhibition in 2018 was held on May 9-12 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. It was jointly sponsored by China Bakery and Confectionery Industry Association and Beijing Beikerui Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. This exhibition will be the first to open all 17 exhibition halls of the Pudong New International Expo Center, with a total of more than 200,000 square meters. More than 2,100 exhibitors from nearly 30 countries and regions will be exhibiting, attracting more than 14 countries and regions. Thousands of professional visitors witnessed the event.


Founded in 1997, Bakery China serves as the Asia-Pacific preferred international trade and exhibition platform serving the entire industry chain of the baking industry. Every year, it attracts exhibitors and professional visitors from all over the world to provide them with high quality and cost-effective baking ingredients and equipment. The business platform for related products and services provides a platform for the industry to learn and exchange new products and technologies.

With the increasing degree of internationalization, in this exhibition, Bakery China, together with Germany, the United States, Italy, and the Netherlands, jointly invited the four major government pavilions to make their debut at the exhibition site. It mainly showcases the production facilities of excellent baked products from overseas, high-quality raw materials for baking and bakery products, and presents new products and technologies from the baking industry around the world.


In addition to providing exhibitors with product demonstrations and new technology announcements, many international and national grades such as the MBA Coffee Lahua Art Contest, the West Point World Cup China Trials Competition and the China Dessert Championships (CPC) were held during the conference. Competitions and activities not only provide a platform for the majority of school students to practice and display their talents, but also build a business platform for the industry to learn and exchange new products and technologies.



As a trade and exhibition platform covering the whole industry chain and a vane for the development of the industry, Bakery China adheres to the concept of “customer value” as the goal of exhibition development. Through innovation, it explores and meets the needs of industrial upgrading and consumer upgrading, and continues to be the global bakery industry leader. , professionals and various baking industry practitioners and enthusiasts to provide innovative thinking sharing platform to help China's baking industry innovation and development.

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