Food machinery will protect the food safety of the examinees

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Note: Food machinery will protect the food safety of the examinees
 It is also a year of college entrance examination, the large number of students in universities across the country are trying their best to do the final sprint. Along with the gradual approach of the college entrance examination, the examinees not only strive hard, with the best mentality to meet the college entrance examination, but also pay attention to the safety diet at ordinary times. In the final rush stage of the college entrance examination, many local universities have started special inspection to ensure food safety during the college entrance examination.



As we all know, summer is the time when all kinds of bacteria are most likely to breed, tableware is hard to clean and disinfect thoroughly, bury hidden danger for the safety of tableware.

First of all, schools should strictly implement food safety, strengthen food processing and food tableware disinfection control. On the one hand, the school mainly strengthens the detection hardware facilities, raw and auxiliary materials procurement and safety, operation procedures, elimination and protection links, etc. On the other hand, regular quality inspection of water quality, water dispenser sterilization. Ultrasonic sterilizer appeared on the market, using the principle of ultrasonic atomization ion cleaning, the tableware for all-round cleaning.

Second, strengthen the control and reduce the students eating out, take-out, etc, as much as possible, lets the student in the school dining, at the same time to strengthen the publicity of food safety knowledge, let the students have certain food safety awareness.

Thirdly, the raw materials, drinks, pastries and various kinds of bulk food in and out of school restaurants and supermarkets are monitored. We will severely crack down on unlicensed business operations, expired sales, and "three no-license" products. To ensure food safety and control during the college entrance examination, a variety of rapid test instruments are used to spot check and inspect food and beverage materials, such as fruits, vegetables and meat products, as well as food and beverage tools.

Finally, colleges and universities and local departments should actively improve the emergency plan for safety accidents, and improve their ability to respond quickly and deal with emergencies.

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