Closing of the 22nd Guangzhou Bakery Exhibition in 2018

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Note: Closing of the 22nd Guangzhou Bakery Exhibition in 2018
 The 20th Guangzhou Baking Exhibition in 2018 will be successfully held on May 23, 2018 in the pavilion of the Canton Fair Pazhou Complex Area A. The exhibition was co-organized by the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce Baking Industry Association and Guangzhou Fubon Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. The exhibition area reached 70,000 square meters. Exhibitors covered baking raw and auxiliary materials and additive companies in the baking industry, production lines, and equipment. Appliances, mold companies, packaging equipment, packaging design, production companies and provide management, training, technical services and other baking industry's entire industry chain. The exhibition has been successfully held for 21 sessions, and it has now developed into a domestic-scale and influential baking exhibition.



As a member of the production food machinery industry, Guangzhou Youlian Food Processing Machinery Co., Ltd. has the privilege to participate in this baking exhibition, communicate and communicate with companies in the same industry at home and abroad, learn from each other, and jointly promote the health of Chinese food processing machinery. Development, and always committed to providing customers with high-quality products, to show the majority of users of my new technologies, new products.

As one of the professional exhibitions in China's bakery industry, China Baking Exhibition has gradually taken steps in line with international standards, and has established a close cooperation with the International Hualian Bakery Association, which fully demonstrates that China Baking Exhibition is huge in the international baking industry. The influence.

At the same time, as a food machinery industry, we should also keep up with the times, communicate with domestic and foreign counterparts, introduce new technologies at home and abroad, and promote our products. In the face of increasingly fierce international competition, in the face of arduous reforms and construction tasks, in the face of the ever-changing new situation, we will be able to stand up and develop better and better.

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