Equipment to ensure the flavor and quality of rice dumplings

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Note: Zongzi first market steaming technology, equipment to ensure the flavor and quality of rice dumplings
         As a traditional festival in our country, the Dragon Boat Festival has had activities such as rowing dragon boats and eating zongzi since ancient times. However, there is still some time before the Dragon Boat Festival, zongzi has been quietly marketed. In order to adapt to the consumer upgrading and diversified and personalized zongzi market demand, many enterprises will launch new products every year, leading to the market of duanwu zongzi.


        As is known to all, the production and processing of zongzi requires multiple processes, including water boiling. After boiled, more or less will make zongzi inside the flavor of the ingredients, taste, and through the way of steamed, not only can lock fragrance, make dumplings taste more pure thick, at the same time also make full-bodied reed Ye Xiang and fillings blend each other, aftertaste making a person is boundless.

        Compared with boiled dumplings, steamed dumplings are very particular. First of all, the quality of zongzi will be affected if the cooking time is too short or too long. If the time is too short, it is easy to be undercooked, but the time is too long, dumplings taste bad. Secondly, the problem of evenly heated rice dumplings is that the rice dumplings are hot, big or small, which will hinder the absorption of heat from the internal fillings. Without certain technology and equipment, it is difficult for them to be evenly heated. Finally, the water problem, once the water is not appropriate, also like water boiled dumplings, easy to smell, lose the flavor of dumplings.

        At present, there are steam cabinet and steam generator in the market, and their mutual cooperation can effectively solve the problems encountered in the steaming process of zongzi. Generally speaking, the steam cabinet adopts the computer control system to realize the precise control of steaming temperature and time. In addition, turned on the power, steamed ark could soon to set temperature, no more than 6 minutes, greatly save energy costs, and high density material is heat insulation and heat preservation, reduce the loss of temperature, more energy saving and efficient.

        The steam generator adopts automatic chain control to realize water supply and heating pressure control, and is equipped with water shortage protection and abnormal alarm device to ensure safe operation. At the same time, a large amount of continuous steam can be produced quickly to ensure even heating, so that the quality of zongzi will not be affected by the uneven heating.

In a word, steamed zongzi, with steam as a heat transfer medium, can make it healthier, more nutritious, more hygienic. Compared with water boiling, the dumplings themselves will not lose juice, and can be preserved in the original flavor of the leaves. In the process of rice dumplings, of course, in addition to using the new technology of steamed, also need the support of relevant food machinery equipment, they can better solve the key problem of steamed, "evaporate" novelty, for the majority of consumers to bring the enjoyment of "the tip of the tongue food".

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