Watching and Helping Together to Overcome the Difficult Times——China's Forces Promote the Globa

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Note: Watching and Helping Together to Overcome the Difficult Times——China's Forces Promote the Global Epidemic of War

On February 24, the China-World Health Organization New Crown Pneumonia Joint Expert Inspection Team held a press conference in Beijing.

  The sudden outbreak of new crown pneumonia has brought huge challenges to global public health security and cast a shadow on the world economic outlook. Human society is facing a new common threat!

      A common threat requires a common response. An outbreak prevention and control global fight has begun.

      A special occasion attracts worldwide attention.

      On March 26, a special summit for leaders of the Group of Twenty (G20) to cope with the new crown pneumonia was held. This is the first summit video of leaders in G20 history, and the first major multilateral event attended by President Xi Jinping since the outbreak.

  "At present, what the international community needs most is firm confidence, concerted efforts, and united response, comprehensive strengthening of international cooperation, and a strong joint effort to overcome the epidemic, and work together to win this human race against major infectious diseases."

     President Xi Jinping delivered an important speech at the summit, upholding the concept of a community of shared future for mankind, and combining China's practical experience in fighting the epidemic, he put forward a series of important proposals on strengthening international cooperation in epidemic prevention and control and stabilizing the world economy, and played an important leading role.

     China's actions at critical moments instill strong confidence in the global resistance to epidemic resistance; China's role at critical moments will surely bring together a strong force to overcome the epidemic and overcome the difficulties; China's forces at critical moments will work with the people of the world to compose and build humanity A new chapter in the community of destiny.

On February 24, in Geneva, Switzerland, UN Secretary-General Guterres (left) delivered a speech at the headquarters of the World Health Organization. Guterres said that in order to minimize the negative impact caused by the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the Chinese people implemented strict prevention and control measures and contributed to the entire humanity at the expense of normal life.

     On February 15, in Munich, Germany, the Director-General of the World Health Organization, Tandesser, addressed the 56th Munich Security Conference. Tan Desai said that China's measures to control the new crown pneumonia epidemic from the source are encouraging. Although these measures have cost China a lot, they have gained time for the world and slowed down the spread of the virus to the rest of the world.

  Working together to fight the epidemic, the key is action

  "The new crown pneumonia pandemic is accelerating." World Health Organization Director-General Tan Desai said on the 23rd. This is less than two weeks after WHO announced that the new crown pneumonia epidemic could be characterized as a pandemic.

      Recently, the spread of the epidemic has accelerated, and the global statistical curve of confirmed cases has risen sharply.

     It took 67 days from the first diagnosis to the global number of cases reaching 100,000. It took only 11 days to reach the second 100,000, and only 4 days for the third 100,000. In just 2 days, it rapidly increased from 300,000 to 400,000. . The latest data released by Johns Hopkins University in the United States shows that as of 2:00 on the 27th Beijing time, the number of confirmed cases worldwide reached 510,108, and the number of deaths reached 22,993.

  Major infectious diseases are the enemy of all humankind. Under the epidemic, no one can survive alone. Faced with a severe test, what should the world do?

—— "The international community should step up its actions and resolutely curb the spread of the epidemic."

—— "The epidemic is our common enemy. Countries must work together to build the tightest joint prevention and control network."

—— “China will work with other countries to increase support for relevant international and regional organizations.”

—— “At this critical moment, we should face challenges and move quickly.” ……

On March 21, in Belgrade, the Serbian capital, Serbian President Vucic (left) and the members of the Chinese expert team to assist Serbia's anti-epidemic medical team greeted him.

This is a kit donated by China to the Ministry of Health of Benin, taken at a donation ceremony held in Cotonou, the economic capital of Benin on March 19.

 At the G20 leaders' special summit, President Xi Jinping put forward a series of initiatives and propositions, emphasizing the importance and urgency of action, solidarity and cooperation.

  Join hands to fight the epidemic and overcome the difficulties. This is exactly the same as the idea of ​​building a community of human destiny.

   I still remember that seven years ago, President Xi Jinping delivered an important speech at the Moscow Institute of International Relations and put forward the concept of a community of shared destiny, emphasizing "the more we face global challenges, the more we must cope with them."

  I still remember that three years ago, President Xi Jinping delivered an important speech on "Building a Community with a Shared Future for Humanity" in Geneva, with special mention of "avian influenza, Ebola, Zika and other outbreaks constantly ringing alarms for international health security" and pointed out "The key to building a community of shared future for mankind is action."

    "The new crown pneumonia epidemic once again shows that mankind is a community of shared destiny. The international community should watch and help each other." On the eve of the special summit of the G20 leaders, President Xi Jinping reiterated his letter to Tan Desai and emphasized.

    From phone calls to meetings and talks, from condolences to replies ... During the critical period of fighting the epidemic, President Xi Jinping carried out more than 30 foreign affairs interactions and introduced China's experience in preventing and controlling epidemics to foreign dignitaries, heads of international organizations, and foreign friends. And results, conveying China's determination and confidence to win the fight against epidemic prevention and control, leading cooperation, consolidating consensus, and vividly interpreting the great practical significance and time value of building a community of human destiny.

  French President Macron said in the speech of the special summit of the G20 leaders that, as President Xi Jinping said, the international community needs to respond unitedly and strengthen coordination. "In this case, we need global solidarity."

     Robert Lawrence Kuhn, chairman of the Kuhn Foundation in the United States, said that the rapid spread of the new crown pneumonia epidemic is giving people around the world a deep understanding of the practical significance of the concept of a community of shared future for humanity proposed by China. global cooperation".

On February 29, a volunteer team of the Chinese Red Cross arrived in Tehran, Iran. (Photo courtesy of the Chinese Embassy in Iran)

On March 13, in Riga, Latvia, Latvian health experts participated in a video conference at the Chinese Embassy in Latvia. China and 17 countries in Central and Eastern Europe held a video conference of experts on the prevention and control of new crown pneumonia on the same day to share and exchange experience and information on the prevention and control of the epidemic. This is another important measure for China to uphold the concept of a community of shared future for mankind and contribute to the cause of global public health and safety.

  Overcoming the Difficult Times, China Has a Role to Play

  On March 24, a notice from the Hubei Provincial New Crown Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters attracted global attention: Hubei Province except Wuhan City will be deregulated from the Hubei Channel on March 25, and Wuhan City will be lifted from April 8. Han Li'e channel management measures.

      The British "Financial Times" evaluated this as an important milestone in China's fight against this public health crisis for more than two months; Japan's "Asahi Shimbun" believes that Wuhan "unblocking" means that China has won " "Breakthrough"; the United States "New York Times" said that this is the latest sign that China's comprehensive restriction measures seem to be successful in controlling the epidemic.

  Behind the hard-won "unblocking" is China's huge sacrifice to win the global stagnation war to prevent and control the epidemic, and it is China's extraordinary responsibility to strive for a time window for the global epidemic.

      In the face of a menacing epidemic, China started a people's war against the epidemic: under the centralized and unified leadership of the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at the core, it concentrated its efforts across the country and took decisive and powerful epidemic prevention actions. Comprehensive, strictest and most thorough prevention and control measures. China's power, spirit, efficiency, and image of a responsible country in China's epidemic prevention and control have been highly evaluated by the international community.

      The China-WHO New Crown Pneumonia Joint Expert Inspection Team composed of experts from multiple countries believes that China ’s response to the epidemic has significantly protected the lives of its own people and the world ’s people, and has established a strong “first line of defense” to prevent the international spread of disease. .

This is the site of a video-connected conference shot in San Jose, Costa Rica on March 18. On the evening of the 18th local time, medical experts and health department officials from China and Costa Rica held a video conference to exchange experiences on fighting the new crown pneumonia epidemic.

This is the first video conference on the cooperation mechanism of joint prevention and control of China-Korea response to the new crown pneumonia epidemic, which was shot in Beijing on March 13. On the same day, a joint cooperation mechanism for joint prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic was formally established and the first video conference was held. 

  UN Secretary-General Guterres said that the Chinese people "have made huge sacrifices and contributed to all mankind."

       WHO Director-General Tan Desai stressed at several press conferences in Geneva that countries should cherish the time window of epidemic prevention provided by China's tremendous efforts. "What we have learned from China so far is that it is possible to contain the epidemic." .

       China's responsibility lies more in the goodness of the world. While doing a good job in domestic prevention and control, China is actively engaged in international cooperation, working with other countries to build a human health and health community, and using practical actions to convey confidence and strength to the global epidemic.

       On the evening of March 21, at Belgrade International Airport in the evening, Serbian President Vucic personally greeted the Chinese Anti-epidemic Medical Expert Group and medical supplies by the ramp. He "elbowed" with a Chinese expert and kissed the five-star red flag with affection.

  There are many such moments and they are widely spread on social media in various countries: Italy ’s second-largest newspaper changed the background image of its Twitter account to the image of Chinese medical staff to thank China for its assistance. The Iranian people asked a Chinese medical expert to take a group photo. Xinwu District, Wuxi, China presented a "10x" reimbursement mask to the sister city of Toyokawa, Aichi, Japan ...

       The significance and value of a partner is not only in the prosperity of the Chinese Communist Party, but also in advancing hand in hand during adversity.

  At the critical moment when the epidemic is entering the global "pandemic", China provides assistance to relevant countries and international organizations to the best of its ability, shares China's experience and China's plan: informs WHO as soon as possible, and maintains communication with the international community and relevant countries; Quickly share the entire genome sequence of some strains and successfully develop a rapid detection kit; hold video conferences with experts on the prevention and control of new crown pneumonia outbreaks with more than 100 countries and international organizations; to more than 80 countries and other international and regional organizations such as WHO and the AU Organize emergency assistance, send medical expert groups to multiple countries ...

      China's actions have moved the world, warmed people's hearts, and gained true feelings.

  At the G20 leaders' special summit, President Xi Jinping once again solemnly stated that China is willing to share with countries good practices in prevention and control, carry out joint research and development of drugs and vaccines, and provide assistance within its capacity to countries with epidemic spread.

      Former French Prime Minister Raffarin said that there is a French proverb, "Friends in distress are true friends." In the global response to the new crown pneumonia epidemic, China has fully carried out international cooperation, provided medical supplies to France and other countries, actively shared its experience in fighting the epidemic, and fully demonstrated its role as a major country.1125779379_15853217088021n

On March 12, in Rome, the capital of Italy, Rocca (the sixth from the right in the back row) of the Italian Red Cross took a group photo with a group of experts from the Chinese Anti-epidemic Medical Team. On the evening of the 12th local time, a team of 9 experts from the Anti-epidemic Medical Expert Group, jointly established by the National Health and Health Committee and the Chinese Red Cross, arrived in Rome, the Italian capital, and brought some medical materials donated by the Chinese side.

On February 27, in Seoul, South Korea, medical masks urgently prepared by the Chinese Embassy in South Korea were ready to be shipped to Daegu. The outer packaging of the box reads: "Not far away, no one is foreign," "Let's watch each other and help the times overcome difficulties" and other supporting words. (Photo courtesy of the Chinese Embassy in South Korea)

  Destiny is common, write a new chapter

  "The unprecedented epidemic of new crown pneumonia is a profound sign of global ties and vulnerability." The leaders of the Group of Twenty responded to the statement of the new crown pneumonia special summit with this judgment.

       The threat of major infectious diseases is one of many common challenges facing humanity. The new crown pneumonia epidemic is intertwined with an era of unprecedented changes in a century. Its impact has exceeded the public health crisis, and has brought major impacts on the global economy, politics, people's livelihood, and social psychology.

  On March 18, the New York stock market triggered the fourth circuit breaker in 10 days. In the history of the US stock market fuse mechanism in 1988, it was triggered only once in 1997. After a period of time, the market surged and plunged, and the ups and downs appeared to be the new normal in the cross-cutting impact of the development of the epidemic and the relief policies of various countries. Whether it is the quantitative easing policies introduced by central banks in the world or the US $ 2 trillion fiscal stimulus plan, these unprecedented monetary and fiscal policies have precisely demonstrated the severity of the spillover risk of the epidemic.

      Gutres recently said that the global economy "almost certainly" will decline and "possibly reach a record scale." He said the crisis was a "shock to the entire human society."

On March 18, in Padova, Italy, a group of Chinese experts on anti-epidemic medicine took photos with local doctors. The Chinese Anti-epidemic Medical Expert Group is working in Padova to help the local government respond to the new crown pneumonia epidemic.

On March 16, in Baghdad, Iraq, Chinese medical experts demonstrated scientific hand washing methods. On the same day, the Chinese expert group signed a certificate of transfer of epidemic prevention materials with the representative of Baghdad Medical City. The equipment donated by the Chinese Red Cross Association will help Iraq greatly enhance its ability to detect new crown virus, and achieve early detection, early isolation, early diagnosis, and early treatment.

  The new crown pneumonia epidemic made people realize once again that the world today needs an effective, orderly, and powerful global governance system more than ever before. It is imperative to strengthen global governance and enhance international coordination.

      The G20 is an important platform for global crisis response and economic governance, and played an important role in responding to the 2008 international financial crisis. The pandemic is not only a major challenge to the coordination function of the G20, but also a test of the global governance capabilities of the G20.

      At the G20 Leaders' Special Summit, President Xi Jinping called on members to "take common measures to reduce tariffs, remove barriers, open trade, and send a strong signal to boost morale in the recovery of the world economy."

  China's actions are injecting confidence into the world. As the world's second largest economy and an indispensable important link in the global industrial chain, China has grasped epidemic prevention in one hand, resumed production in one hand, and continued to deepen opening up and international cooperation, strengthen communication and coordination with economic and trade partners, and give priority to ensuring global Leading companies and key links in the supply chain that have important influences restore production supply and maintain the stability of the global supply chain.

      Steph Perry, chairman of the 48 group clubs in the UK, said that China not only actively helped other countries fight the epidemic, but also expressed its commitment to continue to expand reform and opening up and contribute to world economic stability. This cooperative and open attitude is also the direction that countries should adhere to in addressing global issues in the future.

      "I firmly believe that as long as we help each other and help each other, we will be able to completely overcome the epidemic and usher in a better tomorrow for human development!" President Xi Jinping said at the G20 leaders special summit.

  No winter is insurmountable, and no spring will not come. As long as the international community is sincere and united, and work together to turn pressure into momentum and turn crisis into life, humanity will surely defeat the epidemic and jointly write a new chapter in building a community of human destiny.

On March 16, at Liege Airport, Belgium, staff delivered mask packages. 300,000 masks from China arrived at Liege Airport in Belgium at noon on the 16th. This is the first time that Belgium has received large-scale external assistance since the outbreak of the European New Crown Pneumonia outbreak. The materials were provided by Alibaba Public Welfare Foundation and Ma Yun Public Welfare Foundation.
On February 20, in Nagoya, Japan, members of the Overseas Chinese Volunteer Group in Japan distributed masks to local people.
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