2019 kitchen International Hotel Supplies Expo

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Note: 2019 kitchen International Hotel Supplies Expo
2019 kitchen International Hotel Supplies Expo

 Organizer: National Federation of Industry and Commerce Kitchenware Industry Association

                  Shandong Kitchenware Association
Organizer: Shandong Zhonglian Business Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Exhibition time: October 26-28, 2019

Venue: Kitchen International Convention and Exhibition Center

(No. 88, West Outer Ring Road, Xingfu Town, Boxing, Shandong)

Exhibition Hall Introduction:

Located in the hinterland of the Yellow River Delta, the Kitchen International Convention and Exhibition Center is located in Xingfu Town, Shandong Province, the largest stainless steel kitchen equipment production base in Jiangbei, China. It is a multi-functional high-end exhibition hall integrating exhibition, business and conference. It is a key project of local government. The kitchen city center has a total investment of 3 billion yuan, the total construction area of ​​the exhibition hall is 300,000 square meters, the indoor exhibition hall has a total area of ​​250,000 square meters, and the outdoor venue area is 50,000 square meters. There are five high-standard exhibition halls of A, B, D, E and F. The exhibition hall is divided into two floors. There are 30 escalators and more than 26 freight elevators. Area C covers an area of ​​more than 40,000 square meters and is set as a dedicated parking lot for exhibitions. The museum is beautifully decorated and equipped with facilities. It can accommodate more than 5,000 exhibiting companies and is the first professional chef exhibition in China.

about the exhibition:

“2019 Kitchen Capital·International Hotel Supplies Expo” was hosted by the National Federation of Industry and Commerce Union Kitchenware Industry Association and Binzhou Municipal Government, and Shandong Zhonglian Business Exhibition Co., Ltd. China Hotel Supplies Association, Tianjin Kitchenware World, Hainan Hotel Supplies Association, Anhui Kitchenware Association, Shandong Kitchenware Association and other strong support. The National Federation of Industry and Commerce Union Kitchenware Industry Association is the most authoritative representative institution at home and abroad and is co-sponsored by the local government. At the same time, it has received strong support from domestic and foreign industry associations to create a most authoritative kitchen feast!

Kitchen capital enterprise crowdfunding + exhibition market linkage

Shandong Zhonglian Business Exhibition Co., Ltd. and the top 200 kitchen utensils manufacturers in the kitchen industry jointly created the largest and most influential professional and high-end business kitchen platform in Jiangbei.

New exhibition hall, new facilities, high efficiency, high return

Shandong Zhonglian Business Exhibition Co., Ltd., under the current social development trend, has locked in the development direction of the national hotel industry, and has helped the hotel industry to develop with more professional, higher-end and more international operation methods. Create a national-level commercial kitchenware display platform to fully expand the brand's visibility.

1. The government + association co-sponsored and escorted the exhibition

2019 Chudu·International Hotel Supplies Expo was hosted by the All China Federation of Industry and Commerce Kitchenware Chamber of Commerce and Binzhou Municipal Government. It also received the China Hotel Supplies Association, Hainan Hotel Supplies Association, Anhui Kitchenware Association, Tianjin Kitchenware World, New Feiyue Kitchenware Association, Zhongshan Kitchenware. Strong support from the Association and Boxing Kitchenware Association. The government fully guided and the association worked together to protect the development of the exhibition.

2. the hotel industry development opportunities

China will become the world's largest tourist country. The number of domestic and inbound tourism personnel and the number of overnight stays continue to rise, bringing huge opportunities for the development of the hotel industry, one of the important sectors of the tourism industry. The booming development of China's hotel industry is building a large-scale hotel supplies procurement market. At the same time, in the context of the sluggish overseas economic recovery, the Chinese market has attracted more and more global hotel supplies related companies. The hotel supplies industry has ushered in a new round of competition, industrial chain technology upgrades, enterprise transformation, will be Next, the main theme of the development of the hotel supplies industry. Under the general trend of economic globalization, it has brought challenges to the development of the hotel supplies industry, and also ushered in great opportunities for development. Lock the development direction of the global hotel industry, and help the development of the hotel supplies industry with more professional and more international operations!

3. the kitchen capital enterprise crowdfunding + exhibition market linkage to create unlimited business opportunities

As a distribution center for Chinese kitchen utensils, Xingfu Town has developed a large number of excellent kitchenware manufacturers in the past 30 years, and is well known both at home and abroad. The top 200 excellent kitchen makers in China's kitchen capital teamed up with Shandong Zhonglian Exhibition Business Co., Ltd. to jointly create the strongest and most high-end business hotel event in Jiangbei!
4. high-end business forum + industry energy-saving contest to create industry boutique black horse

1. This event will invite industry elites to discuss the development of the industry;
2. Shining out the green low carbon energy saving contest;
3. The lottery contest is unprecedented;

5. Scope of participation:

Hotel supplies: hotel bedding series, hotel uniform series, hotel linen series, room electrical appliances series, guest room appliances series, guest room disposable supplies series, hotel lobby appliances series, hotel furniture series, cleaning supplies and equipment series, ceramics and Glassware series, kitchen equipment and supplies series.

Refrigeration equipment: commercial kitchen refrigerator series, commercial freezer series, fresh-keeping workbench series, refrigerator, supermarket display cabinet series, refrigerated wine cabinet series, refrigerated display cabinet, commercial Icelandic cabinet, cold drink machine, ice cream machine, sorbet Cabinets, supermarket refrigerated display cabinets, etc.

Commercial stoves: anti-air burning stove, alcohol-based fuel stove, intelligent electronic gasification stove, blower stove, infrared stove, fierce fire stove, clay pot stove, large pot stove, low soup stove, dumpling noodle soup, steaming furnace, Gas stove, desktop frying stove, fruit wood bacon grill, tea stove, electric ceramic stove, convection oven, etc.

White steel conditioning equipment: workbench series, cupboard series, pool series, water heater base series, hotel special trolley series, locker series, multi-door cabinet series, dining car series, food cabinet series, shelf series , medical equipment special equipment series, etc.

Steaming car: steaming rice car series, seafood steaming cabinet series, commercial insulated car series, trolley steaming house series, energy-saving steaming rice car series, etc.

Other categories of stainless steel: stove series, stove panel series, pool panel series, western combination panel series, sundries elevator dining ladder series, trench cover series, multi-function food truck series, lunch box series, fast dining table and chair series, boiling water Series, soup barrel series, etc.

Ventilation and environmental protection equipment: oil purifier series, oil purifier purification machine, frequency converter, muffler, fan protector, shock absorber, smokeless environmental protection barbecue purifier, oil water separator, purifier electric field, purifier power supply, purification Unit, fan series, exhaust cabinet series, hood series, condenser, fire purifier, etc.

Commercial kitchen equipment accessories: adjustment leg series, plastic leather sleeve series, copper tube series, stove accessories series, fume purification accessories series, steaming rice accessories series, disinfection cabinet accessories series, thermostat, display meter , valve fittings, sealing seals, casters, handles, etc.

Food Machinery: Pasta Machine Series, Pasta Machine Series, Steamed Bread Machine Series, Peeling Machine Series, Vegetable Cutting Machine Series, Vegetable Stuffing Machine Series, Baking Machine Series, Commercial Soymilk Machine Series, Tofu Making Machine Series, Ice Machine Series , fryer series, bean sprouts machine series, baking box series, electric baking pan series, poultry hair removal machine series, etc.

Mechanical equipment and hardware: large-scale laser cutting machine series, large-scale machine tool equipment series, shearing machine series, bending machine series, coiling machine series, folding machine series, forging press series, laser marking machine series, welding machine Series, polishing machine series, engineering machinery equipment series, abrasive abrasive equipment series, welding equipment series, cutting equipment series, weighing instrument equipment series, inspection and measurement equipment series, functional parts series, etc.

Small products: knives series, melamine products series, self-service small hot pot pot series, alcohol stove series, western food series, part box series, cup series, silver items series, glass pottery exquisite products series, etc.
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