In 2019, Food Machinery Union participated in Wofex World Food Expo

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Note: In 2019, Food Machinery Union participated in the Philippine Wofex World Food Expo and achieved great success!
From August 7th to 10th, 2019, Food Machinery Union participated in the four-day food machinery exhibition in the Philippines. The exhibition was held in SMX Conv, the SMX exhibition center in Manila. The exhibition was held once a year and has been successfully held for 16 sessions. It attracts food and beverage producers and professional traders from all over the world. It is an ideal place for communication and ordering of goods in the food industry. In order to open up foreign markets and exchange technology with foreign industries, Food Machinery Union participated in the exhibition, and this is the second time that Food Machinery Union has cooperated with many members to bring our food machinery out of the country and go abroad. Here is me. A report on this exhibition.
The food machinery brands participating in the exhibition are: Bossda, Yumai, Leapay, Gainco, Huide, Youmai, etc.

Exhibition overview
World Food Expo, the largest food exhibition in the Philippines, is the largest and most influential food exhibition in the Philippines. It occupies the two largest pavilions in the Philippines - the World Trade Center and the SMX Convention and Exhibition Center. The show brings together the world's latest food and beverages. Goods and related equipment. The exhibition strictly controls the admission specifications of visitors. The exhibition is open to professional visitors only three days before the exhibition. The last day is open to the general public, ensuring that exhibitors can have the opportunity to meet with more real buyers. The August World Food Show in the Philippines is the best platform to broaden the Philippine market and understand the food needs of the Philippines.

      Exhibitor details
        In order to make the exhibition more smooth, we made full preparations before the exhibition, packaged the food machinery of each participating brand in advance and sent it to the Philippines. In advance, we went to the exhibitors to get a visa to the Philippines and purchased round-trip air tickets and customized. Good to participate in the brand baking food machinery album publication, design for the venue of the exhibition, before the departure also told the exhibitors some precautions and recommended items, etc., these full preparations are for the next 4 days in the Philippines exhibition The smooth progress provided the basis.


      During the exhibition, it was very smooth. On the first day of the exhibition, we received several on-site orders smoothly. This not only made a good start for us to participate in the Philippines exhibition, but also inspired us, let us show the next few days. Full of confidence.
      When we contact and promote our products, we are enthusiastic about our customers, receive courtesy, let our customers feel our sincerity and hospitality, and when customers ask relevant questions, we give correct and professional answers, so that In the next few days, the site received a lot of orders, which made us full of money. This is also the customer's full recognition of our products.


      After the exhibition, we visited some local food machinery dealers to understand the development of the local bakery machinery industry and understand whether they are satisfied with the supply we supply, what are the shortcomings, and the areas that need improvement. and many more.
      Overall, this exhibition has achieved great success through the efforts of all members, and has also promoted the company's brand, learned about the local bakery food machinery market, and laid a good foundation for our next foreign exhibition. The basics.
  In the end, I hope that the fine unions will do better and better, and bring more baked food machinery out of the country and sell them all over the world.
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